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Spryte 6 months

Sheltie puppy

We train in an age appropriate manner in all our classes with safety being a key concern.

We teach in a very positive manner. Corrections are reserved only in cases of dog on dog or dog on human agression (both very rare) or if a dog is "marking" the equipment. Other than that, we use a reward based system. During the learning process, if a dog is wrong they simply don't get the reward. We use clickers, food, toys, tugs, balls... whatever works with each dog.

The goals of our beginner class are:

  1. To imprint the dog on each piece of equipment
  2. To teach the handler how to train their dog in the sport in a fun and safe way
  3. To start to turn the dog and handler into a team

The goal of agility is to turn the dog and handler into a team playing the game together and having fun together. We have both recreational and competition minded students. They are all equally important to us and we want to help each team meet their own goals whether they want a weekly playdate with their dog or want to attend a Nationals competition someday. We provide plenty of opportunities for everyone from very relaxed fun matches to sanctioned AAC trials and seminars with top trainers on the international scene.

In beginners, each "team" is assigned an instructor. That instructor will have 5 to 6 "teams" in his/her class. There will be other such groups on the floor at the same time as beginners is taught on leash and at individual equipment stations. Your instructor will stay with you through the entire session and will rotate with you through equipment. Each "team" will have plently of opportunity to work the equipment and receive the instructor's attention.

Thank you for your interest. Let us know if you'd like to join one of our classes!

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