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When I was 13 years old I had a Miniature Schnauzer named Max. I loved him dearly but I had to share him with my mother. So I finally begged her to get me my very own dog. This is where the most wonderful dog I have ever owned entered my life.

Grastars Chaos is Coming, better know as Rudy, was the livliest little puppy who loved everyone and everything. I originally wanted to get a female dog to eventually show in conformation. But Rudy's personality shined above the rest of his littermates, so I decided to take the little Cairn terrier with the soft coat and undershot jaw. This was the best decision I have ever made.


Rudy excelled in everything we entered. He started in obedience. We entered numerous shows in Saskatoon and across the province of Saskatchewan. He achieved his CD getting 3rd highest in class along the way. After several years of training and entering in obedience trials, we then moved on to one of the fastest and most fun sport for dog and handler Agility. He earned many titles and many top mini dog awards.

Rudy also excelled at fly ball in which he earned 3 titles. He was not as fast as some of the height dogs out there because of his short legs, but he sure gave it his all. I would have to say the highlight of Rudy's caree was the Superdogs.

In 1996 Superdogs came to Saskatoon. I had been in Superdogs with Max in 1989, so I asked my mom if she could find a way to arrange a try out for Rudy. We went to audition but they told us they had no time to see him work but they wanted to cast him in the Saskatoon show anyway. So our tryout ended up being Rudy's debut. This was the start of many shows to follow. In his time with the Superdogs he traveled around North America entertaining millions of people. His stage name was Toto. He Performed in places such as B.C Place, Montreal Molson Centre, and Toronto Skydome.

He also was featured on TSN during the Superdogs modified horse and dog relay in Newmarket Ontario. Rudy did many other wonderful things in his life. Pet therapy, school and also starred in the musical Annie s the little dog Sandy. In February of 2003 after a short battle with cancer, I lost the greatest dog I have ever known. I would have to say the best thing Rudy did in his life was to help me to be the person that I am to this day. He taught me how to win and lose graciously. He kept me out of trouble as a teenager by teaching me responsibility. By performing with him he gave me confidence and, because he was a terrier, he definitely taught me patience and most importantly he taught me about trust, friendship and love. He was my best friend and he truly enriched my life.


I miss him more than anything, but I will always remember all the great times we had together. He will always be by my side and forever live on in my memories. Rest in peace my precious Rudy.

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