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Spryte 6 months

Shirley Ann Redl

Nuni Playing

Dogs have always been a part of Shirley Ann's life. She grew up with various terrier crosses, Irish Setters and an English Pointer. Shirley Ann got her first of three German Shepherd Dogs when she was 13 and learned how to train from her father.

Nuni Playing

In 1994 Shirley Ann got two Siberian/German Shepherd cross puppies. She rapidly began looking for classes for two large active young dogs and chose Diane's agility class. Shirley Ann was hooked from the first lesson. She worked hard to develop working agility relationships with both Nuni and Genie. As their teamwork and skills in the sport grew, Shirley Ann went from "I'll never compete..." to "well, maybe I'll try..." to "I'm going to the Nationals...". Indeed, in 2001, Shirley Ann and Nuni were part of the SK/MB Regional team competing at the AAC Nationals at Spruce Meadows.

Unfortunately, Shirley Ann has had to retire Nuni just 4 legs short of her AAC Agility Trial Championship due to health concerns. Genie is still competing in the occasional trial at the veteran Masters level.

Shirley Ann trained under Diane Mapes and began teaching with her in 1996. In addition to instructing and competing, she has branched out further into the agility world and is a judge at the Starters, Advanced and Masters levels in Agility Association of Canada and the Novice, Intermediate and Excellent levels in CKC agility.

Chaos and Shirley

In 2001 Shirley Ann was given a Border Collie/Jack Russell Terrier cross puppy whom she aptly named Chaos. Chaos began agility competition during the spring of 2003 has competed at the national level the past two years.

Shirley Ann has embraced Diane's philosophy of fun for the handler and dog. She views all of the dog activities as building blocks to the best relationship possible.


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