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Spryte 6 months

Jackie Cameron

Jackie started training in the sport of agility with her first dog, Bear, in the spring of 2003. She developed a love of the sport right away so she started her rescue dog Naomi in the summer of 2004. Naomi was a rescue who came with many issues that had to be worked through before the agility training could take precedence. With behaviour modification and endless patience, Jackie is now able to have Naomi in regular classes. Jackie and her dogs take their classes with Diane Mapes and Shirley Ann Redl. She has also taken agility seminars from Terry Simons, Jo Sermon, Stuart Mah, Kim Anderson and Kiersten Lloyd. Bear and Naomi compete in AAC agility.

Jackie's philosophy is that there is always more to learn or different ways to see the same things, and what works for one may not be the answer for another. She teaches junior handlers and beginners through to competition classes. Jackie also believes that training and playing in any sport should be fun and safe for both the handler and the dog. She has been a participant in seminars relating to core stenghtening and stretching for canines and one concerning the identification of the different gaits related to injuries.

In addition to agility, Jackie has also "played" around in training her dogs in musical freestyle, rally-o and frisbee. She has also attended seminars in disc dogs and hopes to compete with Naomi in the future.


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