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Spryte 6 months

AAC Champions 2007 Halton Hills (Toronto)

2007 AAC National Team

D&S members on the 2007 Nationals team include: Shirley Ann Redl (Chaos), Jason Good (Jackie & TJ), Alice Gaucher (Emma & Rudy), Dusty Edelman (Bailey), Don Lawrence (Julie), Leanna Rusanov (Lucy) and Jodi Schury (Sadie).

Jason and Jackie

Congratulations to Jason and Jackie for their 6th place finish in the 6" Specials Class

Receiving awards for individual courses:

Jodi Schury and Sadie - 6th place 26" Regular Standard 1

Dusty Edelman and Bailey - 10th place 10" specials Jumpers 1

Nationals 2007 LogoImages from the Nationals


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