Photo of the week

Spryte 6 months

AAC Champions 2006 Burnaby

2006 AAC Regional Team

Back Row: Mark (Chloe), Jason (T.J. & Jackie), Brianna (Shadow), Diane (Cricket). Front Row: Charlene (EZ), Kevin (Zaida), Shirley Ann (Chaos), Shantelle (Carl & Lucy), Alice (Emma), Sandi (Sting)

Congratulations to Kevin and Zaida for winning the Steeplechase in the 6" Veterans class with a time of 35 seconds.

Charlene and EZ

Special Congratulations to Charlene and EZ for their 1st Place Win in the 10" Veterans Class

Sandi and Sting

Sandi and Sting for their Dutch Shepherd breed record in Clean Run's 60 Weave Pole Challenge


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