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Spryte 6 months

Mark and Sis ATChC

Mark and Sis ATChC

Mark, Sis, and Susan McIntyre

Hi, Im Sis and the guy in this photo is my handler. The nice lady is Susan McIntyre and she was the judge that designed the course that allowed me to earn what they call an ATChC. Im the star on this team but dont tell my handler that. His ego could be easily bruised if he really knew. He and I were competing in agility for just a little over a year when we earned my ATChC on September 26, 2010. I was just a little over 2 and a half years old then. My dad has often said hes lucky to have me for a partner and hes proud of our accomplishments so far. We also competed at the 2010 AAC Nationals in Calgary. It was my first time to compete at that level and we did pretty well. Maybe someday well get to compete at Nationals again. If not, no big deal! We have fun regardless of the level of competition or where we play the game.

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