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Leanne and Lucy ATChC

Leanne and Lucy ATChC

Leanne and Lucy at Nationals

Hi! My name is Lucy and I'm a 9 year old Border Collie cross. My Mom adopted me on September 4, 2001 when I was about a year old pup. That was the day that changed our lives forever. At first I was scared and worried about getting into Mom's car because I didn't know where I was being taken to and what was going to happen to me. when I got to my new home, I still wasn't sure, so I hid under the deck. Then, when I wouldn't go into the house, Mom had to carry me in. Turned out I was scared and worried for nothing. I get best food, treats toys, trips to off-leash dog parks. I get to sleep on the couch or bed. On hot days I like to "relax" in a nice, cool bathtub. Here are highlights of my life so far.

In 2002 Mom and I joined "D & S Dogs of Course", a local dog agility club, and never looked back. It was slow going at first since Mom and I were new to the sport. We took our time learning to work as a team and I was learning how to do pieces of agility equipment safely. In 2004 I got two surprises: a 1 year old Border Collie cross for a brother (that's another story) and I ran my first official agility trial. I was scared and nervous only BECAUSE Mom was scared and nervous. For our first trial we did well. The next year Mom and I were going to all local trials. In 2006 we decided to expand our horizons. We made trips to Prince Albert, Grenfell, Swift Current, Aberdeen. Moose Jaw was added later on to our list of places to go for trials. My first trial in P.A. didn't go as well as Mom hoped for. You see, I decided to go and check on gopher holes WHILE we were running the course. Now Mom and I have a deal: I get to check on gopher holes when I cross the finish line.

Also in 2006 I ran in my first Regionals. At Regionals, a dog has to earn 350 or more points to qualify to go to Nationals. That year I didn't qualify. IN 2007 I qualified, placing 3rd in my jump height division and went to Ontario to be part of Sask/Man/Nunavut regional team at Nationals. It was a great trip. In 2008 I qualified again, getting a 6th place. 2009 turned out to be an exceptional year for me. For the 3rd year in a row, I qualified for Nationals again, this time placing 1st in my jump height. Then on August 23, 2009, I earned "Agility Trial Champion of Canada" title. How cool is that!!! To get this a dog must successfully complete specific number of different games at 3 levels. It wasn't easy but I did it... one trial at a time! I'm glad Mom and I found each other that fateful day. Take care!


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