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Welcome to a world of fun for you and your dog

Agility is a fun and exciting sport for both the dog and handler. The sport consists of a course of obstacles that the dogs climb onto, jump over or through and weave around. In competition, the teams are judged on how fast they can accurately perform the obstacles in the correct order.

WARNING: Canine Agility can be extremely addictive even in small doses!

Agility training is a great "next step" for those who have enjoyed obedience classes and would like to do more with their dogs. The sport welcomes all pure breed and mixed breed dogs. Agility is a great way to take the bond you have with your dog to a new level through the teamwork that is naturally developed.

D&S Dogs of Course in Saskatoon offers Canine AGILITY instruction and training at all levels from beginner through the National competitive level. We have both recreational and competitive programs. We try to provide the training and activities to meet each individual's goal of choice. We also organize training seminars and AAC sanctioned canine agility trials in Saskatoon.

Basic pet OBEDIENCE is offered for those who feel they want a little training first before focusing on Agility or Rally-O, or just want some house manners for their pet. Obedience skills are tested and strengthened at each level. Many insecure dogs gain confidence building experiences as they accomplish new skills. The interaction of your dog with other dogs is a great social activity in itself, this promotes good behaviour.

New last fall and continuing this year are Rally Obedience (Rally-O) classes. It takes obedience skills and turns them into a fun, fast, and competitive game.

We also offer occasional clinics on Flyball, Musical Freestyle and Frisbe.

You don't have to plan to compete to enjoy the rewards Agility has to offer you and your dog. Our philosophy is the activity should be fun for both the handler and the dog so that they can enjoy and build great relationships together.

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